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The Beautiful Side of the MoonWhat would happen if God forgot who he was?
Drawing on age-old African story-telling traditions, modern science-fiction and contemporary thriller writing, The Beautiful Side of the Moon conjures up an entirely new way of seeing the world.
The central character, Osaterin, thinks he is just a modest IT guy living in Lagos – but it turns out he is much, much more than that…
A delightful, playful, thoughtful adventure in speculative fiction by one of Nigeria’s most exciting new writers.
Now available online and in bookshops.

The Amaka Series #1
When Trouble Sleeps
The Amaka Series #2

Winner, Prix Marianne 2016

“Leye Adenle has my vote for crown prince of crime fiction in the UK.”
– James Ellroy

“Spectacular – Adenle is crime fiction’s best new voice for years.”
– Lee Child

“Fast and furious … it’s a ROLLER COASTER ride through a world of extremes, where everything is up for grabs”
– The Guardian

“Gritty, gripping, and hard to put down, Easy Motion Tourist delves into the dark side of Lagos, with a narrative structure that feels fresh and an incredibly immersive atmosphere. A welcome twist on the contemporary thriller.”
– The Crime Review

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March 4
The Brixton Book Jam
The Hootananny, Brixton. London UK.
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April 4
The Beautiful Side of the Moon book launch
London UK.
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April 5 – 7
Le Livre à Metz
Metz, France.
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Short Stories

16072390524_575012c01b_zTHOSE WHO WISH TO RULE
‘There are three rooms in Aso Rock that only the President and a handful of people know about. The first room is a surgery. In there they keep gallons of the President’s blood type and multiple viable organs that match him. Should he ever be shot by an assassin, and should the bullet pierce his heart, he would get a new one and survive so long as they get him to that … Read

Anatomy of a mermaidANATOMY OF A MERMAID
‘Welcome everyone to another episode of Lagos Na Wah! We have an exciting show for you tonight. Here with me in the studio is Mr. Kwesi Owusu. Folks, you may have heard of him.’The host smiled and paused to look at the audience. Some of them had been whispering amongst themselves, guessing the identity of the guest on the stage, arguing ‘it is him, ‘it is not him.’ … Read

I have learnt many things in life and one of them is that you cannot run for your life in high heel shoes. As I was running down the slope of Falomo Bridge, at some time past 4 am, I was actually praying for the heels of my Dorothy Perkins shoes to break because I did not dare to stop to take them off. I was no longer aware of Mama running behind me…Read

Finalist for the 2016 CWA short story dagger Award

The bank manager shook hands with Otunba. Close by, the driver held the door open. Otunba’s account officer waited by the manager, one step behind him. She unfolded her hands from her back but Otunba did not shake hands with her. He sank into the back of his Mercedes and let out the remainder of the fart he’d been letting out in sips.  …Read